"above under inbetween" is a follow-up project of the outdoor performance "bodies in urban spaces-a moving trail for a group of dancers" that premiered at Festival Paris Quartier d'éte 2007 and since then was realized for several international venues in Europe and the US.  While "bodies in urban spaces" invites the audience to follow the performers through different urban settings and opens up new ways of looking at architecture and familiar neighbourhoods "above under inbetween" extends Willi Dorner's interest to the sphere of everyday living, in a sculptural dialogue between dancers, bodies and items of furniture. Familiar objects are used in unfamiliar ways in a piblic space to offer new perspectives on how people move and how they treat our bodies in the course of our everyday lives. Based on modules and inividual parts of habitation new elements, dissociated from their stereotypic functionality, are created in the performance.  The concept of "above under inbetween" might be realised as an intervention in public space as well as a stage performance.  The contradictory use and the recreation of the modules reduce our movement habits of social actions to absurdity and hereby allow a new differentiated perception of our lifestyle-, behaviour- and movement habits. Private motion sequences originally located in the inner living area are developed in public.    The transformation process continues in almost haunting fashion and repeatedly changes through the actions of the protagonists.    "above under inbetween" is developed in collaboration with composer Bernhard Lang and stage designer/artist Katharina Heistinger.    "above under inbetween" premiered as outdoor performance on July, 31,2009 at the Festival SONNENBRAND Linz09, European Cultural Capital City 2009  "above under inbetween/stage" premiered on march, 4, 2010 at TQW Vienna, Austria    concept, choreography: Willi Dorner  dance, choreography: Sebastijan Geč, Katie Green, Nick Keegan, Lisa Oettinghaus, Stève Paulet, Anna Reitbauer, Esther Steinkogler music concept, composition: Bernhard Lang  audio-software-development: Thomas Musil, IEM / KUG  visual-interface-software-development: Iohannes zmölnig m, IEM / KUG  stage: Katharina Heistinger  production management: Regina Reisinger  duration: 50 min.   Premiere: July 31, 2009, at `Sonnenbrand´Linz09, Austria
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